Mjinga: James Ng’ang’a insults King Kaka over ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ mention

Pastor James Ng’ang’a and King Kaka.

Controversial Neno Evengelism preacher Pastor James Ng’ang’a has hit out at Kenyan rapper and spoken word artist King Kaka over his thought-provoking ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ song.

In the song which has been the talk of the nation for days on end, King Kaka name-dropped Ng’ang’a, saying that he’s better than our politicians since he lies openly.

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Iba hizo mamita, scot-free, niibe tu kuku ntalala ndani (Steal those millions and go scot-free, if I steal a chicken I go to jail),

“At least Pastor Ng'ang'a anawashinda, anadanganyanga hadharani(he's better than you, he lies openly),” King Kaka raps in the song that has over 1.9 million views on YouTube five days after being released.  

In a video shared by King Kaka, Ng’ang’a is seen hurling insults at him, even claiming that the rapper’s mother is his girlfriend.

Well-known known for his uncouth tirades, the preacher referred to King Kaka as a devil, insinuating that the rapper is from a low social class and that he should address matatu touts.

Ata kuna mwengine amesema afadhali Ng'ang'a anadanganya watu. Sijui shetani gani ndio hii (Another person has said that Ng'ang'a lies to people. I don't know which devil this is) . Kani Kaka,” said Ng’ang’a, mispronouncing the Kaka Empire founder’s stage name.

“Wewe ni mjinga, tafuta rika yako ukanikake nao (You are stupid, look for your age mates.)

“Tafuta wale manamba wa matatu uongee nao (Look for matatu touts and speak to them), this is a commander,” added the preacher, much to his congregation’s amusement.

The preacher went ahead to use the analogy of the sun and moon to compare himself to the rapper.

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“Wewe unaongea na nani? Hii ni kama jua na mwezi. Mwezi ni ya usiku, jua inatawala mchana (Who are you addressing? This is like the sun and moon. The moon is for night while the sun rules during the day), Hallelujah!

“Hujui mama yako ni my girlfriend (Don't you know your mother is my girlfriend),” said Ng’ang’a.

King Kaka’s response

In his response, King Kaka took no offence at Ng’ang’a’s words, saying that the goal of the song had been achieved.

Kim Kaka sahii Kan Kaka. Anyway The Message is Home,” he wrote.

The preacher’s rant elicited varied reactions from Kenyans:

@aaron_chegeh And people still sit down and listen to him. So tragic.

@helcera14 To date I don't understand his congregation

@Jumahfelix So this kind of nonsense is what people call men of god, listen to them and follow them in congregation. @RabbitTheKing I'm glad you in good shape Kaka.

@Kim138Juan Kenya would be boring without this guy lol.

@BravinYuri Congregation ya Pastor Ng'ang'a is the True definition of Kenyans. Mnatukanwa, Mnaibiwa, Mnaambiwa uwongo na bado mmetulia kuskiza na mnapiga makofi zaidi. #WajingaNyinyi

@stevekmw Is the word king that difficult to pronounce?

@unlimit_Edu Why pay 1K to Churchill Live while entry to Ng'ang'a's is free, beba sadaka ya 100 na ukubali matusi kidogo then enjoy the show.