Noti Flow stole my Instagram account, used to bite me- Mustapha claims

Noti Flow and Colonel Mustapha.

Kenyan rapper and reality TV star Colonel Mustapha has levelled damning allegations against his ex-girlfriend Noti Flow.

Speaking to Mzazi Willy Tuva, Mustapha claimed that he was physically abused by Noti during their highly-publicized relationship.

According to the former Deux Vultures rapper, Noti morphed into a violent, selfish and controlling partner.

“She became violent. She used to bite me because she knew I couldn’t retaliate. I have a lot of scars as a result,” he said, further adding that he never retaliated by hitting her back.

But according to Mustapha, Noti used to bite him because of too much love.

“A woman who bites you is a woman that loves you,” he said, adding that they broke up because she never used to listen to him.

Missing Instagram account

Mustapha further claimed that he has proof Noti stole his Instagram account and converted it to her fan page.

 “There's a time my phone got lost for about three weeks and I used her phone to post on my Instagram account. She convinced me to give her my password and she was acting as my account administrator.”

However, according to Mustapha, things took a downward spiral as a ‘jealous’ Noti started unfollowing everyone else except herself.

Noti Flow and Mustapha.

“She started unfollowing everyone as she wanted me to follow her alone. I accepted,” he said.

The Nairobi Diaries claimed that later, she changed the account password and refused to share it with him.

“She was controlling. She took my account and changed it to her fan page which only follows her.”  

Mustapha also accused Noti of being clingy and sometimes barred him from going out as she wanted to spend all the time with him. “How was I to make money?” he posed.

Homosexuality claims

The former rapper also addressed claims by Noti and Trap King Chrome that he is a homosexual, saying that the claims are unfounded and the duo was only looking for publicity.

“When you make a claim there must be evidence. Don't just make claims without showing who the other man is. I live in Utawala but I don't live with a friend,” he said.