Zari Hassan threatens to drag pal Akothee to hospital

Akothee and Zari [Photo: Instagram @zarithebosslady/akotheekenya]

South Africa based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has threatened to drag her friend Esther Akoth alias Akothee to the hospital if she fails to take her prescribed medication.

Sharing her moments with Akothee at Watamu soon after visiting her, Zari expressed her happiness in seeing the singer in good spirits days after she was discharged from hospital.

Zari, putting her foot down, cautioned the Rollam hitmaker who collapsed while on stage at Luo Festival against ignoring her doctor’s advice.

"Glad to see you happy again, finish the medicine or I will personally drag you back to the hospital. Topic not open for discussion, it's an order Akothee," wrote Zari.

Pleased, the entrepreneur lauded the Ugandan beauty for being a dear friend.

“Tag me your friend who would get concerned with your health and say let me come cheer you up Zari. I am alive,” stated Akothee.


Akothee was rushed to the Karen Hospital two weeks ago after she passed out mid-performance in Kisumu.

“You do know I can’t stay in bed, I took a walk to the farm, to ignore the headache, shit this head is bursting, the doctor recommends I do an MRI, nini imeingia kwa kichwa,” wrote Akothee.

Akotheeadded that she awaiting more test results.

“When you finally get discharged with the only result testing positive is positive energy. Well, no space for sympathy, never allow sickness to own your space. I am proud of my insurance company and my new home (hospital) for 11 days. I rested, made new friends and learnt a lot,” she continued.

During the 11 day stay, the singer had accumulated a hospital bill of Sh316,000. 

“No, I am not marketing the hospital if something is good. I am just an independent lady, with my sh*t sorted, thank you to everyone who was concerned and prayers. Above all my redeemer lives. thank you Karen hospital tell them I paid my Bill's it's not marketing,” she wrote.

The singer is currently taking it easy in Mombasa.