Expensive things owned by Governor Mike Sonko

Sonko [Photo: Courtesy]

When embattled Nairobi County boss Mike Sonko was arrested on Friday, December 6, he was spotting a t-shirt drawn from his adored Italian luxury brand, Versace.

Torn in the melee after he allegedly became unruly, the t-shirt which could pass for any mtumba clothing costs a minimum of Sh53,000 at current exchange rates according to a spot check by SDE.

While that may be surprising to some, his flamboyance is well documented and the tattered, imported piece is probably the least of his costly concerns.

Sonko [Photo: Courtesy]

He has often been spotted donning other designer; chains, rings, earrings, watches and jackets with similar, jaw-dropping price tags.

In April 2019, he splashed Sh4.3 million in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on a Versace pendant and chain.

Sonko [Photo: Courtesy]


In Mua Hills, Machakos County, Governor Sonko boasts of an expansive modern mansion, 70km away from his capital city base.

According to sources, construction of the multi-million mansion started while he was a senator and spots a dominant golden theme with a stretch of architectural splendour that overlooks the undulating countryside below.

Its parking can accommodate over 10 cars. In May 2018, he held a cabinet meeting at the premises, out of his jurisdiction. A first, at the time, for any governor.

Sonko [Photo: Courtesy]

He also reportedly owns houses in; Nairobi’s Upper Hill area, Shimba Hills –Kwale, Kanamai and Vipingo in Kilifi, and Mtopanga in Mombasa County.

A week ago, following fears of flooding in the city, Sonko 'inadvertently' shared photos of his gold assembled dining room as he shared emergency numbers, to condemnation from a section of the public.

Sonko [Photo: Courtesy]

That is not all.Sonko also owns a fleet of high-end gold-plated cars that sometimes form part of his convoy as he snakes his way around the city in a spectacular dance of opulence.

Complete with customized plates, the cars cost over Sh8 million each, complete with customized plates. He rakes out approximately Sh1 million for each plate.