I am not flaunting, says Akothee as she reveals Sh316,000 bill

Akothee at the hospital [ Photo: Instagram @akotheeKenya]

After collapsing during her performance at the Luo Festival in Kisumu about a week ago, popular Kenyan singer Esther Akoth alias Akothee was rushed to the hospital and admitted for 11 days.

During the hospitalization, Akothee, understandably, turned her hospital bed into a miniature reception room where she updated her followers on her condition regularly.

Amongst those who paid the flamboyant singer a visit at the facility was ex-husband Jared Okello who, according to Akothee, tried to live with her ‘madness’ for 10 years.

“He tried, my friend, Okello tried. Living with a madwoman for 10 years under one roof without knowing she is mad is not easy… I love my family, nothing beats the odds and ends of a family, the only relatives my children have, if not from my maternal and nothing can change that. I pray that you too make peace with your families for the sake of your children,” she wrote.

His only request to her was that she should stop hurling insults on social media.

“Okello prayed and said ‘Esther, you should stop insulting people on social media’, and, I said; ‘if they also stop provoking me’. Don’t get it twisted Jared is happily married as I am still looking for Mr Wrong.”

The insults Okello may have alluded to include those from some of her fans who claimed that the singer had used her situation to market the facility she was admitted in.

A position she denied:

“No, I am not marketing the hospital if something is good. I am just an independent lady, with my sh*t sorted, thank you to everyone who was concerned. Above all, my redeemer lives…I paid my bills, it's not marketing. Yes, I am stupid. I was afraid someone would steal my followers the way some celebs are stealing my ideas.”

In a subsequent post that has been viewed over 90,000 times, the singer added that she has no space for negativity.

“When you finally get discharged with the only result testing positive is positive energy. Well, no space for sympathy, never allow sickness to own your space. I am proud of my insurance company and my new home (hospital) for 11 days. I rested, made new friends and learnt a lot. For the sake of single