Willy Paul introduces new bae in viral clip? Disables comments

Willy Paul with the unidentified woman [Photo: Instagram willy.paul.msafi]

Kenyan singer Willy Paul has stirred controversy on social media after posting a video of himself cuddling and kissing an unidentified, white woman.

"What's up? This is your boy," says Willy Paul at the beginning of the video.

"You don't have to talk," he tells the visibly nervous, mysterious blonde partner as she giggles and covers her face with her hands.

While little is known about the woman the singer introduced to his followers in the 20-second clip, their chemistry spoke volumes.

"You want to give me a kiss?" He asks as his song Uuh Mama plays in the background. 

To which she shyly smiles into the camera before steaming up the moment with the Saldido Entertainment boss.

"Vijanatafuteni pesa!" says the Hallelujah singer tauntingly on turning back to the camera.


Cant wait, today is the D-day tag someone atafte pesa

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The singer then quickly disabled the post's comments and later followed it up by sharing a promotional Uuh Mama post

Begging the question; was it a publicity stunt, or is the beauty indeed his new lover?


Willy Paul is not new to controversy.

A few months ago, his 'antics' were the subject of a hot debate on whether the vocalist was a gospel or secular musician.

"The new Willy Pozze cannot be boxed in a gospel story," the artiste said on the matter, adding that he was more of an RnB star.