Shame on you! Bridget to Trap King after claiming Sekani is her sister’s son

Bridget Achieng and Trap King Chrome.

Socialite and entrepreneur Lucy Achieng Okoth, popularly known as Bridget Achieng has responded to reality TV star Trap King Chrome’s allegations that she is not the biological mother to her 11-month-old baby, Sekani Rich Opeyemii.

In an interview with a local daily, Achieng refuted faking her pregnancy, saying that she understands how difficult life is and it’s okay for people to talk about her in order to pay their bills.

“Like I hear the other day Trap King had a lot to say about my baby akasema hadi mtoto si wangu. Sekani is a photocopy of me. Okay hio tumbo nilitia wapi? Ama hio pia ilikuwa fake. You see I understand maisha ni ngumu. Bridget sahii ndio hutrend… I want everyone to eat. Wacha watu waongee wasipoongea juu ya Bridget wataongea juu ya nani? She said.

A few weeks ago, Trap King claimed that Bridget is not Sekani’s biological mother. The rapper added that he already knew that the boy’s mother is actually Bridget’s sister.

“You on TV making me sick! I would have respected you more had you have had the guts to stay black and not do a Vera Sidika. But you on TV lying… Lying… Lying… Fake nails, fake breasts, Fake Gucci, Fake Hair, Fake skin, REAL STOMACH… I can’t allow you to deceive more kids! Wtf! You the reason some black people are ashamed of their skins and buy bleach!

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“I know that you are not really the biological mother of that beautiful boy. He’s your sisters. Just because you too lazy to go gym you lying that you pregnant! Say my name again and I’ll expose the rest,” he said.

However, according to Achien’g, Trap King shouldn’t have used her son’s name to get fame by telling lies which would affect the child in future.

“Imagine baby Sekani a very innocent boy who doesn’t even know anything. For someone to look for five minutes of fame with his name si inamaanisha huyo mtoto ni important sana. Huyo mtoto ako na followers wengi hata kukushinda. Uko na audacity ya kuongea juu ya mtoto hata hajafikisha 18 years. Shame on you!” she said.

Shortly after the arrival of her son on February 5, 2019, the Nairobi Diaries star revealed that she underwent a lot of anguish before giving birth to him.

In an emotional video post, Bridget narrated her ordeal saying that she at one time felt depressed as the pregnancy clocked five months. She further advised women to plan ahead, warning against hinging all hopes on baby daddies.