Ruth Matete broke up with me 38 times - husband reveals

Beloved John [Photo: @mrbelovedjohn]

The past week has majorly been about gospel singer Ruth Matete and Nigerian husband John Apewajoye alias Beloved John.

Fresh from quashing claims that her husband is still legally married to his ex-wife Jullian Idehen, Matete has seemingly turned a new leaf and is feeling loved up after her husband shared a touching message to her.

Taking to Instagram on Saturday, November 30 the contemporary gospel music minister and worship leader shared a picture of the singer at their November 22 wedding and poured his heart out.

Ruth Matete [Photo: @mrbelovedjohn]

He revealed that she broke up with him 38 times.

“I dated you for 2 years 8months and you broke up with me 38 times but today you are my wife for life.

“This week has been so amazing. It is like I just met you,” he continued. “I’m so glad we never gave up on each other, I remembered how you fasted and prayed for 40 days because of me,” he stated.

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Ruth Matete and her husband [Photo: @mateteruthie]

Visibly embarrassed, the Damu Yako songbird who rarely updates her Instagram page responded to her husband and urged him to tone down...

“Baby…Play down (Cheza chini),” she shared.

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Speaking on why Matete was his soulmate, Beloved John posted, “My life will never remain the same again. I love you Luxo.

His dotting messages to his wife did not end there.

“In everything we give Thanks to God. We made a vow to God and regardless of what comes our way we will keep this vow… I and my wife are doing good and want to be allowed to enjoy our lives and the Ministry. We love you all. Thank you, everyone, for your love, prayers, encouragement and support. God bless you greatly,” he wrote on Wednesday, November 27.