Otile accused of hitting motorcyclists, abandoning them in hospital

The accident scene involving Otile's Mercedes Benz.

Otile Brown is on the spot after allegedly knocking down two motorcyclists outside a club in Nairobi.

The singer reportedly tried packing his Mercedes Benz when he was blocked by another car outside the club in Kilimani. It was then that he decided to drive over the pavement, an act that saw him knock down two bodaboda riders.

Amateur footage on YouTube shows the ‘Chaguo la Moyo’ hit maker’s white Mercedes Benz registration KCH 007Y at the scene of the accident.

Otile Brown.

In the same video, an unidentified man in denim pants, presumably Otile, is seen pacing frantically behind a black Toyota Harrier.

Unconfirmed reports indicate Otile ferried the two to the hospital before abandoning them. 

Although the Coast bred singer wasn’t hurt, his new German machine had some serious dents that will leave his wallet dented.