Major Mugure had tried poisoning his children- Joyce Syombua's mother claims

Major Peter Mugure after his arrest.

Elizabeth Maua, the mother of Joyce Syombua who was allegedly murdered by her estranged lover Major Peter Mugure has claimed that there was a previous attempt on the lives of her two grandchildren.

According to Elizabeth, there was an attempt to poison 5-year-old Michael and 10-year-old Shanice shortly before DNA tests to establish whether Mugure, the prime suspect in their murders, was their biological father.

Speaking to a local TV station, the grief-stricken Elizabeth narrated how the two children were poisoned by a stranger who posed as a teacher at their school.  

“There was a time when they were coming home from school and met a woman who posed as their teacher at LakeWood. She bought them soda and mandazi. The younger child was very keen.

“He noticed the woman putting a substance that looked like black tea in the soda. They did not drink it.

“When they went home to change clothes since their mother had left behind the key, another woman drank the soda. She felt weak afterwards and was unable to speak.

“When Peter called later, Mike asked ‘are you the one who wanted us dead?’”

Joyce Syombua.

Elizabeth also appealed for help to help bury the bodies, saying “I want to bury them in Kitui but I cannot afford to take them from Nanyuki to Kitui. I really need help. I am a single mother and I depended on her (Syombua).”

Unhappy with court order

Speaking to The Standard newspaper, Syombua’s friend Farrizanah Katengu said that after the DNA results were released, Muguru, who had earlier denied siring Michael was not pleased.  

“A DNA test showed that he was the biological father of Shanice and Prince Michael. He was ordered to pay for the children’s food and school fees,” she said.

Farrizanah said that Mugure was unhappy with the court ruling that ordered him to pay child support after Syombua reported him for neglecting his children.

Syombua, Shanice and Michael’s bodies were found tied with ropes, stuffed in gunny bags and buried in a shallow grave in Thingithu after they went missing on October 26, a day after visiting the soldier at his workplace in Nanyuki.