Christian Rapper Lecrae reacts to Kanye West's Album

Lecrae [Photo: Courtesy]

It’s has been a week since Kanye West’s Jesus is King was released. Since then, his album has sparked debate and recieved mixed reviews. Jesus is King is the first ever gospel album that the rapper has done, but the change of direction has made fans question his sudden following of Christ after decades of rapping about sex, money, etc.

With the arrival of Kanye’s new album, Christian Based Rapper, Lecrae was asked to give his thoughts on Jesus is King.

Speaking to Billboard, he admitted that it’s not his “favourite Kanye album in terms of musicality”, but it’s his “favourite Kanye album in terms of content”.

“Kanye is such a polarizing figure and his movements create ripple effects in culture, particularly music,” he explicated to Billboard earlier this week.

Jesus is King Album [Photo: Instagram @kanyew.est]

“Traditionally gospel is seen as singing. Those of us Christians who rap were removed from the gospel charts on that technicality. His deeper impact is perhaps on the Christian rap community. There is a lot more intersectionality there.”

“When a person trades misogyny and self-glorification, for talking about Jesus on every track,” Lecrae continued, “that will guarantee scrutiny and disappointment… [The album] sounds like a person who is excited about his new relationship with Jesus. I’m in support of that.” 

The I’ll Find You hitmaker also hoped that Kanye’s turning to faith will allow other religious rappers to appreciate the presence of Jesus in places where He may not have previously had an audience.

Taking to Instagram two days ago, Lecrae broadly explained why he has joined other Gospel artists who have stood with Kirk Franklin who recently announced that he is boycotting the GMA Dove Awards, the US's version of Groove Awards.