A fan hit me with a bottle- Nazizi’s bloody encounter that left her scarred


Legendary artiste Nazizi ‘First Lady’ Hirji has opened up on a run-in she had with a fan two years ago, leaving her bloodied and with a scar.

Speaking to this writer on Word With SDE, Nazizi recalled that the incident happened in Narok during a club performance.

“The club was full and I could feel there was going to be a problem since there was no backstage area or proper security.

“As I was walking from the stage, someone in the crowd threw an object at my face. Initially, I didn’t know what had happened but on looking down, there was blood all over my shirt.”

Almost lynched

According to the mother of one who became a household name through the group Necessary Noize, the crowd wanted to lynch the assailant.

“Guys in the club wanted to kill the guy so they had to get him out fast. I got four stitches and the scar on my cheek is still visible.”

The incident was reported to the police and Nazizi got to talk to the assailant, who had no recollection of the attack.

“I found out who he was and we went to the police. When we managed to speak to him, he said that he was shocked when he found out he had attacked me.

“He was drunk and could not remember the incident.”


After speaking to the fan, the Vybez Radio presenter opted to forgive him and did not press any charges.

“I don't like having a lot of security around me since I want to connect with people.

“At the end of the day, I have a scar on my face but the guy was a fan of mine and I forgave him. This scar is a reminder I can't be too careful or trust just anyone.”

Nazizi’s words of wisdom to those who drink alcohol are “know your limit.”

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