Dennis Itumbi defended his HSC award, Jacque Maribe weighs in

Jacque Maribe and Dennis Itumbi.

Dennis Itumbi has defended a Head of States Commendation (HSC) award he received from President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2017.

Featuring other recipients including ‘Tano Tena’ singer Ben Githae, ex-TV journalist Jacque Maribe and internet sensation Martin 'Githeri Man’ Kamotho, many opined that the president used the opportunity to award his cronies

However, according to Itumbi, he deserved the award partly for his push for free Wi-Fi connection around Nakuru town.

Appearing in an interview by K24 anchor Anne Kiguta, Itumbi said that he deserved the commendation despite the Wi-Fi project not coming fully into fruition.

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“In my case, it was a case of 'well done' from my boss.  I was behind the attempted to connect Nakuru to free Wi-Fi and also for the introducing the digital infrastructure for the government.

“However, the Wi-Fi did not work in some many places.”

Itumbi also credited the creation of social media handles for government agencies to himself.

Relinquish award?

In the interview, Itumbi was asked whether he will relinquish the award over integrity issues following his ongoing court case over an alleged assassination plot targeting Deputy President William Ruto.

“Until the court in its fullness proves I'm guilty, then I’m innocent. My integrity is intact,” he said, reiterating that he has proof of the alleged assassination plot. 

Maribe weighs in

Seeming to take a swipe at the line of questioning, Maribe, also a HSC recipient defended Itumbi and herself.

“My bestie @dennisitumbi is having a convo on K24 Punchline. Question is he and I among others got HSC awards.

“Problem is people don't research how these awards are given. Riswa! Tunaelewa! Mungu mbele. Well done sweetie @dennisitumbi.

“I am, @jacquemaribe HSC,” she wrote.


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