Willy Poze: Stop asking if I am a gospel artiste or not!

Willy Paul [Photo: Instagram @willy.paul.msafi]

Warning that things are about to get ‘lit’, Willy Poze now says he doesn’t understand the obsession of some people who keep pestering him to declare if he is a gospel or not.

Speaking during an interview with the monthly Pulser magazine, the star said it is for his real fans to walk with him in his new music style stating that those who cannot stand the new him can remain behind.

“But let me make it very clear to everybody out there. Everyone who knows, hears and talks about Willy Poze, embrace yourselves. It is about to get 'lit'. There is a completely new Willy Poze in the making,” he told Pulser during the exclusive interview that makes the magazine’s cover story this month.

 “I don’t know why people keep on asking if I am a gospel artiste. I am tired of that question. There is a new Willy Poze who is R&B and love songs. The new Willy Poze is Hallelujah, Mmmmh and Chuchuma. The new Willy Poze can’t be boxed in a gospel story,” he opened up. Get to www.pulser.co.ke for whole interview.