Woman discovers she has two lady parts after years of agonising pain

She discovered that she had uterus didelphys after researching the condition online and asking for a vaginal scan.

A woman only found out she had two vaginas, cervixes and wombs after she became sexually active with her boyfriend.

Molly-Rose Taylor, 19, said doctors had previously dismissed her complaints as 'period pains' - and it was left up to her to secure a diagnosis.

The nanny suffered agonising period pains from the age of nine-years-old which caused her to become delirious and frequently faint.

She was misdiagnosed four times and says multiple doctors failed to spot the 2cm thick wall of tissue running vertically down her vagina known as the longitudinal septum - which caused her to have two.

After five long years, Molly-Rose began to thoroughly research online and discovered her condition, she is sharing her story for the first time to raise awareness of uterus didelphys.

"It wasn't until I became sexually active with my then-boyfriend, I began to worry as it was impossible and very painful. I noticed there was a piece of skin in the middle and two holes and I felt so embarrassed.

She was overjoyed when her condition was finally diagnosed.

"From the outside, you would never even know, even the doctors didn't as I had attended three appointments. Before my diagnosis, I was advised to get tested for a sexually transmitted disease due to the bleeding and abnormal discharge.”

In August 2017, Molly-Rose had an operation for the longitudinal septum to be removed at the University College of London Hospital.

She says it would do 'more harm than good' for doctors to attempt to remove any of her doubled reproductive organs.