Tanasha Donna responds to Eric Omondi, makes him godfather

Eric Omondi at Tanasha and Diamond Platnumz's [Photo: Bongo 5]

Tanasha Donna has granted Eric Omondi his birthday wish to be her son’s godfather.

Responding to an October 2 congratulatory message from the Omondi, the NRG radio presenter said that she was grateful for the beautiful message sent by the comedian.

The first-time mother added that Omondi would be the best godfather for her son and urged him to continue inspiring people and representing Kenya.

“I don’t know why I’m seeing this now. Thank you so much for such a lovely message. Continue inspiring us and making Kenya proud!” she said.

“And yes, please! What better godfather than you,” added Tanasha Donna.

Omondi had in his message to Platnumz and Donna noted that he was honoured by the two for being asked to be their child’s godfather having known the lovebirds for long.

He narrated that the baby’s arrival took their relationship to a higher level.

“Diamond Platnumz umekua rafiki na ndugu yangu wa dhati kwa miaka mingi lakini sasa umekua familia.”

“Happy birthday bro and congratulations on the birth of your prince. Wishing you quick recovery bro kunywa maji mingi. Tanasha Donna, siz, I am always so proud of you, congrats love, I believe in you and all your dreams. Nakupenda,” wrote Omondi on Instagram.

He jokingly claimed that the two have been on his neck to accept their request of becoming the newly born godfather.

Ntakuja kukuchukua na mtoi next month mkuje asalamie ma uncle na ma auntie huku Nairobi. I know you guys have been calling me nonstop, texting me, WhatsApping and DMing me requesting me to be the child's Godfather, please stop, it's enough. I'll be his Godfather,” he added.

Diamond and Tanasha welcomed their first child, a bouncing baby boy on October 2, the same date Diamond was also celebrating his 30th birthday.