Mombasa man kicks girl out at midnight for breaking wind

“I have not slept a wink since we came here an hour ago. I also can hardly breathe. This woman is a walking gas cylinder..."

There was drama in a plot in Saba Saba estate in Mombasa last weekend when a man ejected a young woman from his house a few minutes after midnight. He accused the poor woman of denying him sleep by breaking wind non-stop.

The middle-aged man only identified as Karisa shocked neighbours when he threw out the woman, a waiter at a local joint, saying he could no longer put up with the endless farting.

According to Japheth Kahindi, a neighbour and close friend of the man, his pal had seduced the girl in the joint where he had spent most of the evening drinking with peers.

“She was the one who was serving our table. My friend Karisa insisted that no other waiter should serve us. He had apparently fallen for the girl who he kept giving tips,” Kahindi told Crazy Monday.

While at the bar, something kept bothering the group that made them argue among themselves. “There was a foul smell that constantly nagged us. I was sure one of us was silently fouling the air. I suspected it was a guy named Mwangi who kept ordering mutura after every two rounds,” Kahindi recalls.

The drinking session ended and the crew decided to retire home to sleep. Karisa meanwhile left with his woman.

Kahindi told Crazy Monday that he was later to be woken up by angry loud shouts coming from his friend’s house some minutes past midnight.

Other neighbours reportedly woke up to find out what this was all about since the man did not have the reputation of being violent or rude.

“I have not slept a wink since we came here an hour ago. I also can hardly breathe. This woman is a walking gas cylinder, farting endlessly and I might die of constipation,” Karisa is said to have shouted.

Kahindi says the girl remained silent and would not move even when some men suggested she could be suffering from a medical condition of sorts, something that a woman nurse among the neighbours disputed.

“Flatulence which is the release of excess air through the intestinal tract is both normal and natural. This girl is very healthy,” she told them.

Although Karisa would not take the girl back, he fished Sh2,000 from his pocket and asked her to take a taxi home, according to yet another neighbour.

When she insisted that it was unsafe outside, the neighbour said the plot caretaker, a man with big bulging muscles took her aside and after a brief chat, the two headed to his small cubicle leaving everyone outside exchanging knowing glances.