Two years in jail for woman who fed stepdaughter menstrual blood

Annet Namata in court.

A Ugandan woman has been sentenced to two years in jail for forcefully feeding her stepdaughter menstrual blood.

Annet Namata was sentenced on Thursday at the Mukono courts after pleading guilty to the charges.

In her verdict, magistrate Patience Koburunga noted that she had reduced Namata’s sentence from seven to two years since her guilty plea has saved the court time that would otherwise be spent on the case.

The magistrate also took into consideration the suspect’s request for leniency since she is a mother of three.

Husband unsatisfied with verdict

However, Namata’s husband, Yunus Lungu, was not satisfied with the verdict. He said she should have been jailed for a longer time.

“Let her serve her time and hopefully she may learn her lesson,” he said.

Namata was first delivered to the police by her husband in June after neighbours told him she had been mixing her menstrual blood with food before forcing the teenager to eat.

She told the court that her friends advised her to feed the child with menstrual blood to turn her into a lunatic.