Minor hangs self after punishment for spending night out

"My wife punished her for spending the night out without informing us."

A 13-year-old girl on Saturday evening committed suicide after she was punished by her parents for spending a night out without their consent.

Sharon Chepkurui, a Standard Seven pupil at Matumaini Primary School, was found dead in her parents’ house.

Simon Mitei said her daughter did not return home on Friday evening after spending the day at school, leaving them worried.

“I was about to leave the house to search for her when my wife returned with Chepkurui in tow. We were both angry. My wife punished her for spending the night out without informing us,” said Mitei.

The couple left their daughter home and headed to the farm till late in the evening when they returned to find her dead.

“I called her out several times, but no one was responding. At first, I thought she had gone out briefly. On entering the house, I found her body dangling from the roof of the house where she hanged herself with a rope,” said Mitei.

And a 16-year-old boy from the neighbouring Michina village committed suicide yesterday.

Student suspended

Stephen Arasa, a Form Two student at Poror High School, killed himself after he was suspended from school.

His father Amos Makori said his son’s last words were that he had ingested Triatix, an acaricide used to control external pests such as ticks on livestock.

Confirming the incidents, Michina Chief Kennedy Kiago called on parents to be close to their children, especially those exhibiting a change of behaviours.