Pastor James Ng'ang'a speaks on vying for Kibra MP, dismisses suicide rumour

Pastor James Nganga and his wife.

Controversial city preacher James Ng’ang’a has laughed off posters purporting he’s vying for the Kibra MP seat.

In undated footage shot at his Neno Evangelism Centre church, Ng’ang’a is seen speaking about the campaign posters on a light note.

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“Juzi nimeona nimewekwa eti nasimama Kibra (The other day I saw posters claiming that I'm vying for the Kibra MP seat), you guys are so funny.”

Suicide rumours

Ng’ang’a, who in the recent past has been in the news for the wrong reasons also dismissed rumours that he is suicidal.

According to the preacher, he can’t bear the thought of leaving his beautiful wife to another man.

Mwengine akaandika akasema amekutana na Ng'ang'a na V8 na ameona Ng'ang'a ako na stress ni kama anataka kujinyonga (Someone claimed that they’d met me driving my V8 (Toyota Landcruiser) looking so stressed I’d hand myself). You are mad.”

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James Ng'ang'a's house in Karen.

“Look at my beautiful wife, sasa utajinyonga uachie huyu nani? (Whom will I leave her with if I hang myself?) He posed as the audience broke into laughter.

“Na gari yangu na nyumba je? Kule nakaa majirani zangu ni wazungu (What about my car and house? My neighbours are white people), said the preacher.


Three months ago, Nga’nga bashed turned the pulpit into an insults arena bashing his church’s bishops for apparently disrespecting his wife.  The preacher threatened to kick them out of the church, pointing out that he’d made them rich.

“You have become rich in my church. Stupid, arrogant, useless people, taka taka, rubbish. There is nothing you can tell me...” he said.

Just a week ago, he came under fire for comments interpreted to advocate for rape.

“Usijaribu kutisha Ng’ang’a. Tena wewe hujaenda jela, hujarape wanawake, wewe hakuna kitu unajua… (Don’t dare intimidate Ng’ang’a. You have never been to jail or raped women, you know nothing), he said in a video shared by comedian Jalang’o.

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Four years ago, the purported man of God was charged in a hit and run case that caused the death of Mercy Njeri and injured her husband, Martin Mbugua. His acquittal was challenged by the Director of Public Prosecutions and the High Court in Kiambu allowed for him to be charged afresh.