TV reporter Victor Kinuthia drops new song after vicious trolling

Victor Kinuthia at a past event [Photo: Courtesy]

Inooro TV journalist Victor Kinuthia is riding high with a new song he composed a week ago documenting his viral Citizen TV report on the arrest of Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro.

Speaking to SDE, Kinuthia narrated that he is overwhelmed by the reception the song Kirindi (multitude) has received in four days and noted that he is shooting its video on Friday, September 20.

“I am surprised at the reception it is getting. After what happened, I felt low and introspected a lot as to why I was trending across the country. I did not realize I was speaking in broken English but I admit I was tense. It was my first time to do a live link in English.

“Calls from my bosses, friends and colleagues encouraged me and through it all, I got to a level where I chose not to listen to Kirindi (multitude), hence the song. This is my third album.

"In fact, before that saga, I had a very big event in Murang’a's Ihura Stadium. It was filled to capacity. I performed a song celebrating my stepmother and I remember telling her that 'I want God to give you many years to witness your children become reputable people in society.'

“Now I am receiving calls from those who attended the event telling me that the blessings I am enjoying now started from that event in Ihura,” said Kinuthia. 

Victor Kinuthia at a past event [Photo: Courtesy]

He added that the message he wants those who have followed his story keenly to pick from Kirindi, is a nugget on triumph and why it is important to soldier on in the face of adversity.

“Most people have realised that I am a musician after the Murang’a episode, but in truth, it was not the first neither will it be my last song. I pray that all those who are going difficult times, even worse than I did, will listen to this and take all the stones thrown at them to build themselves up,” he added.

Speaking on what has changed since the September 9 report, the journalist narrated that he has grown as a person and thanked those who stood by him.

“I played back whatever I said that day several times and decided that it was not going to define me. In the song, there is a stanza where I sing “Ata kizungu ikue ngumu, God has a way.” I remember a lunch I had with Linus Kaikai last Saturday where he shared his personal experiences and told me not to lose hope.”

Victor Kinuthia, finally, urged his fans to expect more as he is working on a new album.

Below is Kirindi's audio.