Kris Jenner badly injured after being tackled by daughter’s bodyguard

She couldn't believe what she was hearing [Photo: E!]

Kris Jenner was left badly injured when she was rugby tackled by a member of her daughter Kim Kardashian's security team.

The bodyguard apparently failed to recognize Kris as she walked into Kim's back yard, and sprang into action.

Momager Kris can be heard crying in agony for daughter Khloe, who is on the phone to Kim telling her what happened.

In a teaser at the end of this week's Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode, Kim and best pal Jonathan 'Foodgod' Cheban were seen running across her back yard, and Kris was strapped to a stretcher.

After seeing her mum in so much pain, Kim broke down in tears.

In a new clip from the next episode, Kim is seen finding out what happens.

She's riding in a car with Jonathan when she gets a frantic call from Khloe.

She's comforted by Khloe [Photo: E!]

Her sister says: "Oh my God, Kim, you've got to come here, your whole security just f**king tackled mom."

Kris can be heard shouting for Khloe in the background, and it sounds like she's in terrible pain.

A shocked Kim says: "Wait, what?"

Khloe adds: "We just called 911. This is so crazy."

"Oh my neck," Kris is heard saying. It sounds like she's in tears.

Kim and Jonathan rush over to her house, where an ambulance is on the way.

Khloe explains that she was in Kim's back yard when Kris made her way over to them and was tackled by security.

Kris says she's going to check the surveillance footage on her phone, and says "Oh my God" when she sees what happened.