10 Photos proving Jacky 'Awinja' Vike is one of Kenya’s most fashionable celebrities

Jacky Vike playing Awinja in 'Papa Shirandula.'

With the fast-growing fashion industry in Kenya, it is becoming difficult to point out which celebrities are the most fashionable.

However, today we put Papa Shirandula actress Jacky Vike alias Awinja on the spot. The mother of one has proven to possess a good sense of fashion.

Going by her regular post on her Instagram account, one would be forgiven for mistakenly calling the radio presenter a fashion stylist.

Despite her glamorous looks, Jacky, born and raised in Eastleigh at one time struggled to make ends meet. In an interview with Eve Woman in 2017, the actress talked about struggling with finances when starting out, especially for her travelling theatre tours or to shoot pilots in a bid to market herself.

Check out the latest from her wardrobe: