Senator Loitiptip denies impregnating woman, threatening her life

Hanifa Were and Senator Anwar Loitiptip.

Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip has denied claims of impregnating a woman before abandoning and threatening to kill her.

This is after Hanifa Were, flanked by the Muslims for Human Rights (Muhuri), gave a presser on Sunday 15 September laying bare her alleged relationship with the senator who is currently dating Saumu Mbuvi, Governor Mike Sonko’s daughter.

According to Hanifa, they met through Facebook, with the senator offering her money.

"He texted me on (Facebook) messenger. I was hesitant when he introduced himself as a senator. I did not even know there was a senator by that name but after exchanging contacts we got to video chat and that's when I confirmed it was him," she said.

The day after, Loitiptip offered Hanifa money as she took her daughter back to school in Nairobi, professing his love for her.

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While in Nairobi, Hanifa claims that she spent the night at the senator’s home near Thika Road Mall, marking the beginning of her alleged relationship with the senator.

Silent treatment

During her stay at his home, Loitiptip called her from work saying that he would not be returning home as he had an urgent meeting to attend in Kisumu. Reading deception in his explanation, Hanifa opted to return to Mombasa with the promise that the senator would call after his trip. Communication never came.  

Hanifa Were.

After three weeks with no communication, Hanifa felt unwell and took a test that revealed she was pregnant.

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"When I informed him, he became hostile towards me but I decided to keep my baby.”

Pregnancy, Saumu relationship

Later in June, Hanifa came across reports that Loitiptip and Saumu Mbuvi had been attacked after leaving a night club.

"I was shocked when I say him on TV saying Saumu was his fiancé as he had told me he was single,” she said.

Threatening messages, being trailed

Hanifa claims that the senator then started sending her messages on Facebook, warning her to stay away from his family. According to Loitiptip, the move was aimed at fending off a woman out to ruin his family.

Hanifa further claimed that thrice, she spotted people close to Loitiptip outside her house, prompting her to report the matter at Kadzandani Police Station in Kisauni under OB number 30 of 14/9/19.

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"This is the man who has been following me. I fear for my life. I am afraid of Anwar. He is not a good person," she said, showing journalists photos of a man she had allegedly spotted outside her house standing behind the senator.

Loitiptip’s response

Speaking to the press on September 15, Loitiptip denied the allegations, saying that Hanifa is forcing things between them.

Senator Anwar Loitiptip.

"I had an affair with this woman which did not last more than a week. Why is she forcing love? It's been six months since we left each other. Why would she come out now?"

"Why would I want to kill her? Should I be dealing with my fellow politicians or a woman? She should stop forcing things."

Police have since launched investigations into the claims.