Drama: Eastlands man clobbers brother for using his suit without permission

Omolo took his brothers best suit and shoes and went to meet the woman, whom he met on Facebook and had been trying to get a date from in vain.

We all like looking good, especially when going for a date. In extreme cases, we borrow clothes and shoes, just to look the part.

After all, they say image is everything and someone added that you don't get a second chance to make a first impression.

This might have been what was going on in the mind of a certain Omolo from Kayole in Nairobi's Eastlands, when he got an invitation to a date.

But what is a 'hustler' to do, when he has to make a memorable first impression, yet he neither owns decent clothes nor worthy shoes?

Well, at his wits end, Omolo took his brothers best suit and shoes and went to meet the woman, whom he met on Facebook and had been trying to get a date from in vain.

Unfortunately for him, his brother stumbled upon him at the local supermarket, donned in the suit and shoes. Hell broke loose, with the older brother screaming blue murder.

"Omolo, what is this? This is my Sunday best buana! I rarely use this suit because it's only for special occasions. How dare you use it to roam around the estate," yelled the visibly older brother, causing a scene.

Omolo's attempt to cool him down, saying that he was in the company of his date and such a ruckus would not only embarrass him but also make him lose the hot babe fell on deaf ears.

"Umenizoea buana (this is too much familiarity)... you have no idea how much it costs to dry-clean that suit," barked the older brother, even as he roughed up Omolo, demanding respect from him.

The squabble quickly spiralled out of control after the offended man knuckle-knocked his brother on the head and made as if to choke him using the tie.

The scene turned ugly, with the two men going at each other hammer and tongs, as the hot babe had slithered out of the scene and vanished.

The drama, which had provided the much-needed comical relief, was terminated by supermarket attendants and security guards who dispersed the onlookers who had blocked the main entrance.

It turned out that the two brothers are neighbours, but the elder brother had been away from the last two weeks.

Apparently, the younger man took advantage of his brother's absence to dominate his house including putting on his clothes.

"The offended brother returned to the city but decided to buy some household items at the local supermarket before proceeding home. At the entrance he bumped into his brother fully dressed in his best suit and shoes, hand in hand with the girlfriend both carrying popcorn and juice," said a neighbour familiar with the incident.

According to the neighbour, Omolo used to even bring women to his brother’s house, which is well-furnished, telling the women it is his.