Abdu Kiba speaks on Ali Kiba’s alleged split from Kenyan wife

Abdu Kiba, Amina Khalef and Ali Kiba.

After months of rumours that Ali Kiba’s marriage with Kenyan Amina Khalef Rikesh is on the rocks, the singer’s brother Abdu Kiba has finally spoken out on the matter.

Just recently, Abdu held his son’s birthday party at his brother’s house and their wives’ absence added fire to the rumours.

According to reports, the party for Abdu’s son whom he sired with another woman happened in Tabata, Dar es Salaam.

The presence of the brothers’ other family members and their wives’ gaping absence raised eyebrows leading to rife speculation that their marriages have fallen apart.

Speaking to Risasi Jumamosi however, Abdu Kiba dismissed the rumours, saying that their marriages are doing just fine.

According to Abdu Kiba, their wives had travelled, hence their absence from the birthday celebrations.

“It’s true our wives did not attend my son’s birthday. My wife has travelled to Zanzibar while Ali’s wife has been in Kenya for three weeks. Our marriages are not on the rocks as people claim,” he said.