Jimmy Gait takes on Kenyan doctors over alleged misdiagnosis

Jimmy Gait [Photo: Instagram @jimmygaitofficial]

Gospel singer Jimmy Gait claims that he almost lost his voice after he was misdiagnosed at a local hospital after bouts of persistent throat pain.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Gait claimed that had he not made the decision to fly to India for a second opinion that revealed that the pain was due to high acidity, he would have developed stomach cancer. 

Gait alleged that many unsuspecting patients in the country are suffering in silence, weighed down by financial chains after being misdiagnosed and cannot afford proper treatment abroad.

To further his cause, the Furifuri hitmaker revealed that he met a number of Kenyans in India whose testimonies on misdiagnosis 'moved him to tears'.

''While in India, I met many Kenyans who similarly, had come for treatment where surprisingly, 6 out of 10 of them complained of similar experiences which include, but not limit; Misdiagnosis and negligence from medical practitioners. The high cost of treatment. Lack of 'patient-doctor' trust and expertise,'' said Gait.

He noted that for that reason, he wants to start a campaign aimed at raising awareness with an eye on how Kenya medical practitioners diagnose, treat and handle patients.

A position, he claims, is shared by Dr Sanjay Khanna, a BLK Hospital doctor who ‘rightfully diagnosed him.’

According to Gait, Dr Khanna was equally displeased by the rampant cases of misdiagnosis that he has had to handle over the years.

“This is my advice to doctors if a patient is not showing any progress maybe one time or two times, move according to the clinical judgment and do perform the tests which are required,” Dr Khanna was quoted saying.

The singer, who is reportedly responding well to treatment, is expected in the country on 14 September 2019.

The Huratete hitmaker is in the meantime shooting a video of a song that he says expresses his thanks to God for healing him.