Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone granted permission to hold concert

Singer Jose Chameleone (Courtesy)

A ban imposed on legendary Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone a few months ago by the government barring him from holding any concert has been lifted.

According to Paul Kangave, Masaka police spokesperson, as long as they stay within the signed agreement, Chameleone and his management can go ahead and organize the concerts they wish to hold.

“Chameleone and his managers had not followed the set guidelines like telling us about the agreement they have with the organisers and the number of people expected at the shows. Since everything has been fulfilled, he’s free to sing now,” Paul Kangave said. .


About two months ago Jose Chameleone’s scheduled Masaka sub-region show was cancelled by the Ugandan Government after he ‘ditched’ Museveni and joined the opposition party.

The Tatizo hitmaker who is now a member of the Democratic Party stated his intentions of vying for the Kampala Lord Mayoral city seat in the country’s 2021 General Election and as a result was barred from having any public gathering for fear he would turn the event to a political event.  

According Chameleone’s manager Robert Nkuke aka Mutima, police had earlier disrupted one of their shows forcing the organizers to prematurely end the show.

“Usually, it is local police and leaders who clear our shows. We really wonder why this time we are being asked to seek clearance from Kampala. Revellers had already paid Sh10,000 as entrance fee but were dispersed by police,” said Mutima.

Chameleone has stated his intentions of vying for the Kampala Lord Mayoral city seat in 2021 (Courtesy)

Bobi Wine

Jose Chameleone is, however, not riding alone in his fight to continue pursuing his career alongside his political interest.

Opposition politician and singer Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has had his fair share of fights with the police who raid his concerts and even arrest him for holding ‘unlawful protests’.

Not long ago, the Kyadondo East MP was arrested and charged with disobedience of statutory duty, a crime he allegedly committed in July 2018.

When asked to speak, this is what Bobi wine had to say in his defense;

"Your honour thank you for this opportunity. I'm confident because indeed it's not me on trial; it's the court itself on trial. I have not committed any crime. I'm only here because I disagree with the political leadership of this country and in particular President Museveni.

"But my spirit is confident because I'm here not because I've stolen public funds or killed somebody. I'm glad that I'm here because I'm fighting for them, you (magistrate) and everybody in this country. I'm here for protesting against unfair taxation and against injustice. So if I'm to go through this oppression and pain for the betterment of my country so be it. At least I know that history will absolve me."