Ethic clear the air, deny reports Seska is dead

Ethic entertainment [Photo: Instagram @ethicentertainment]

Popular music group Ethic has denied reports that one of its members, Seska, is dead.

In a post on Instagram, Ethic, comprised of three other acts SWAT, Zilla and Rekless, quashed the reports swirling on social media as false.

“Seska is very much alive. All those rumours spreading around are unfounded,” read a message from the group in response to queries from worried fans who’d camped on their page and made Seska a trending topic on Twitter.

The reports reportedly started after a video of a sombrely looking SWAT, Zilla and Reckless ‘mourning,’ emerged.

The video’s contents were ignored by some who only focused on Seska’s absence in the clip and misinterpreted it to be the announcement of his passing.


The fast rising group has in recent months been forced to clear the air on several issues including rumours of a split.

Speaking to Pulse a week ago, DJ Katta, the group’s official DJ, denied claims that Rekles had gone solo after he released Kesi Baadaye, a collabo with upcoming artistes Kanari and Shigha Ree.

“Reckless is working on a solo project. But this does not mean that the group has separated,” said DJ Katta.


In July, the Lamba Lolo hit makers took to social media to protest the treatment they were accorded at Koroga Festival.

The group claimed that Zilla, their driver, hype man Adrian and DJ Katta were harassed by security personnel during the festival’s 26th edition.


Early in the year SWAT and a friend was mercilessly roughed up after they were allegedly mistaken for robbers in Umoja.

Speaking to Monday Blues, a member of the group said the two were running from police officers arresting youths in the area and decided to hide in an apartment complex nearby.

A tenant, however, mistaking them for thieves, called for help.