Victor Kinuthia's changing fortunes after Monday trolls

Victor Kinuthia [Photo: Courtesy]

Victor Kinuthia, a Royal Media Services (RMS) journalist trolled on Monday over his live link from Murang'a County is on the rise.

Kinuthia, a reporter on Inooro TV, has now been tipped for a  daily slot on Citizen TV’s Sema na Citizen show.

“Boychild rising! Tupatane Sema na Citizen,” he wrote on Facebook.

A message of triumph that came hours after he shared that the trolls over his diction following the arrest of Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro almost drove him to despair.

“I almost gave up when I found myself trending all over after yesterday's 9 pm news. But after receiving calls and texts from my bosses, colleagues, friends and fans I must say am encouraged,” posted Kinuthia.

Knocking, also, on his door for a feature was the British Broadcasting Corporation on why he was trending all over social media on September 9.

"After trending top tweets, BBC World Service radio in London gave me a call asking for an interview from me in regards to why am trending. My story of encouragement will be hitting the airwaves across the world in 2 hours’ time," he added.

MP Nyoro was arrested at the ACK St James Cathedral, Murang'aover claims he disrupted a church service at Gitui Catholic Church in Kiharu.

The MP was also accused of assaulting police officers. He was released on Tuesday after spending a night in police custody.