Woman drowns her two children after discovering lover was married

A pram, blanket and toys were found on the beach [Photo: Kam24/east2west news]

A “desperate” mother is accused of drowning her two children after discovering the father of her younger child was already married and wanted her as a polygamous second wife.

Ekaterina Khavchina allegedly waded into the water with her son five-year-old son Valentin and six-month-old daughter Milana tied to her.

The baby was drowned in the sea and the boy died after being rushed to hospital.

Despite attempts to take her own life as well, the woman was rescued from the water after locals rushed to the sounds of her screaming children.

The baby's pram was found on the beach.

Khavchina has been detained and if convicted of murder faces up to 20 years in jail.

Ekaterina Khavchina is accused of drowning her two children [Photo: east2west news]

The woman's life is said to have fallen apart after she discovered that Milana’s father was already married to a woman in his homeland of Uzbekistan.

He had wanted a polygamous marriage to Ekaterina, said an anonymous friend of the suspect, who added that she was in a state of “desperation”.

When the mother-of-two objected, he walked out on her and moved in with another woman.

After she was rescued, Ekaterina said: “Everyone has left me, nobody needs me, I don't need anyone.”

The woman lives in Vilyuchinsk in the far east of Russia.

It is a volcanic region and a base for nuclear submarines, with a population of 23,400.