Wiper clarifies Prezzo’s candidature for Kibra by-election

Chirau Ali Makwere, Kalonzo Musyoka and Prezzo among others at Wiper headquarters in Karen [Photo: Facebook Kalonzo Musyoka]

Flamboyant Kenyan rapper Jackson Ngechu Makini alias CMB Prezzo will not be contesting for the Kibra parliamentary by-election slated for November 7, 2019.

This is according to a statement by the Wiper Democratic Movement party leader Kalonzo Musyoka.

Prezzo in Karen [Photo: Facebook Kalonzo Musyoka]

Kalonzo, on Facebook, clarified that CMB Prezzo will be on the ballot for the seat come 2022 and not as earlier interpreted from a tweet sent out by the party at around 3 pm.

“Today at Wiper Democratic Movement Headquarters in Karen I received Jackson Ngechu Makini aka CMB Prezzo who joined the Wiper Movement officially. Prezzo intends to vie in Kibra Constituency in the 2022 General Elections,” read a post from Musyoka.

The announcement follows inroads by the self-styled king of bling into the constituency that extend as far back as 2018, according to posts on his Instagram page.

Prezzo [Photo: Instagram @prezzo254]

The first indicator that he had hammered his gauntlet ready for the hard-knuckled fight for Kibra supremacy was on Sunday, September 8, when he joined the former vice president in a fundraiser in Nairobi.

“Earlier today with former Vice-President of Kenya Kalonzo Musyoka at the railway club grounds in Nairobi during the Sunday service and a fundraiser for the purchase of a sanctuary of ATG Ministries along Mombasa Road,” shared Prezzo a day ago.

Here is the video of Prezzo on Sunday with Kalonzo Musyoka.


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