Good riddance? Busia women swap husbands to escape troubled marriages

The jilted pair of Christopher Abwire and Lilian Weta (Courtesy)

Two Busia women have swapped their husbands in an unusual twist of fate after each deserted their marriages over unending family woes.

Millicent Auma, a mother of two, ostensibly moved out of her home to settle with another man to escape her troubled marriage. Interestingly, 28-year-old Lilian Weta, a mother of three, also chose to seek solace elsewhere after her husband brought home another woman.

Millicent left Christopher Abwire, her husband, to be Lilian’s co-wife. However, Millicent’s arrival did not go down well with Lilian and she opted out of her marriage with Kevin Barasa.

Taking it upon herself, a distraught Lilian reached out to Christopher and the jilted pair peculiarly agreed to get married and start their happily ever after.

Allegedly, the two couples have met and embraced the bizarre move with both husbands saying they are happier with their new spouses.

“I’m not interested in her whereabouts anymore. I am happy with my new wife. It is an exchange.” Said Kevin who was speaking to the press who sought his comment on the unusual incident. On his part, Christopher said that he was finally living in harmony: “Since she (Lilian) came, all my stresses have varnished. I sleep well and I eat well too, and anything I want I’m given,” said an elated Christopher.