'Horrible' Sh25,000 cake infuriates singer Akothee

Akothee with Roberto Linzi at the part [Photo: Courtesy]

Flamboyant Kenyan singer Esther Akoth alias Akothee is fuming over a Sh25,000 cake she says was unsatisfactorily designed and baked.

According to the mother of five, she had placed a specific cake order with the undisclosed bakery only to be disappointed when it was delivered.

“This cake house better refund my money before I blow you. My 25,000 on my M-Pesa now or I come for you,” she shared on Instagram.

“This same i***t messed up my son’s birthday, and I dint mention, and today you have messed me on a big day again,” she captioned a screenshot a previous conversation with the cake house.

“You even wrote the name with a black pen it was white and gold with a touch of red where did black come from? Or because I am black?” she added.

Akothee [Photo: Courtesy]

The seemingly angry madam boss then went ahead to threaten the house should they fail to refund her money.

“I want to wake up with my money on my Mpesa as I return the cake or you see your sells go down by 70% this month,” she shared.

Netizens following Akothee’s rants keenly quickly jumped into the 'expose' and pleaded with the singer touted as the richest artist in Kenya to let it go.

Vee Randy on Instagram commented that, “It is not a good thing that happened to you Akothee. These guys let you down in one way or another and we can hear that. However, kindly forgive and let it go. 70% reduction in their sales will not help you with anything dear. People make mistakes whether once or twice.

“We also make mistakes and learn from them. You have learned that you will never give this cake shop business again. God will bless you with another Ksh 25,000 so let it go.”

Akothee [Photo: Courtesy]

Maggy Bee was for one not amused that Akothee went public with the information.

“Go deal with (sic) them personally madam. Don’t ruin somebody’s business because you have the power. While you were ordering the cake did you inform us? That is just being a bully,” she fired back.

Den Mas, like many others on the page, took the opportunity to joke about the situation.

“Thank God you can afford to buy a cake worth 25k. Some of us huku tunashindwa ata kubuy bundles za 20bob to post our birthdays on social media. But pia ni life,” his comment read.