Kampala girls over the moon after singer Rema dumps shinning star

Rema and Eddie [Photo: Courtesy]

The women of Kampala are celebrating. Although there is a lot happening, most of it bad, especially the rampant murders, nothing can dampen the great victory we are all savouring on behalf of a long-suffering sister.

Rema, a popular beautiful singer has dumped her celebrity boyfriend, who has been taking her for granted for many years. You know the guy, his name is Eddie Kenzo. He is a big star in music, having won some award in America, and been appointed a tourism ambassador for Kenya.

Maybe it got to his head, which is okay. But that shouldn’t mean treating a woman who has been there for you for years before you became a big international name as if she is no longer important.

Anyway, this city that made Eddie also made another man, less famous but much better brought up who treats ladies with great respect. He is not a musician, he is a medical doctor, but his voice sounds much better to Rema’s ears that Eddie’s.

Rema and Eddie [Photo: Courtesy]

After years of being with Rema and even getting a baby out of her, Eddie still would not marry her! The poor girl even took her case to the public and sang songs begging him to propose.

Rema did another song warning him that she was not a mango that has to be given more time to ripen. But Eddie was not moved. So our doctor – we call him ours now – proposed and Rema said yes last week.

We are excited. By the way, the doctor is young, handsome and loaded, with a good investment in a flourishing medical practice. He will not have enough time to treat all the sisters now flocking to his hospital with real and not-so-real health problems.

The news of Rema’s engagement did not go down well with Eddie. He has been crying to media, exposing what he considers are Rema’s big sins against him. Hear this: Rema’s sin number one: she does not pick his phone calls immediately, that after he has called several times, she calls back and does not apologise.

Rema and Eddie [Photo: Courtesy]

Rema’s sin number two: when she calls Eddie she expects him to pick immediately. Rema’s sin number three: she has bought some houses yet Eddie doesn’t have one yet, that he wanted to first build a house in the village before he could marry her so that if anything (presumably death) happens to him, their friends who would travel to the village would be impressed!

Rema’s sin number four: she tells friends about her problems! Was she supposed to suffer in silence?

Let Eddie go and build the village house where his friends will drink beer when they wait to bury him. We are Team Rema with our doctor!