Why I desire to work with Vanessa Mdee -Dogo Janja

Dogo Janja [Photo: Instagram @dogojanjatz]

Tanzanian Bongo Flava artist Abdulaziz Chande popularly known by his stage name Dogo Janja has expressed his desire to work with Vanessa Mdee on a music collabo.

The rapper who says he has been meaning to reach out to Vanessa with his ideas explains that it is normal for any artist to want to work with a fellow musician.

Speaking during an interview with Risasi Vibes, Dogo Janja affirmed that Vanessa Mdee is that fellow musician for him and that she tops his list of musicians he wants to make music with.

“Ndoto yangu kubwa ni kufanya kazi na Vee Money, naona wazi tukifanya kazi kwanza tunaendana na pia anaweza kurahisisha kazi kwa sababu nitakuwa najiachia na kufanya kazi kwa uhuru. Naimani ndoto yangu ya kolabo naye itakamilika,” he said.

Vanessa mdee’s collabo with ex

Speaking of collabo’s, Vee Money recently surprised fans with a song collabo after she was featured in her ex boyfriend’s latest song, Sumaku.

The collabo elicited mixed reactions from both the artists’ fans owing to the fact that Jux had already moved on with his now current girlfriend, Nayika.

Vanessa later took the initiative to explain why they had split adding that they have respect for each other and are still friends.

 “Juma and I parted ways a long time ago, nine months ago but we didn’t want to make it public because it would have affected a lot of people and besides that we still partners in several business ventures that we put together. We split yes, but we got nothing but respect for each other we still good friends.

“It hurts when people ambush me, abusing, trolling, blaming and criticizing as if I was the cause of the break up. It didn’t go as we planned, but we parted amicably. We splitting shouldn’t be an issue, people break up all the time, we not the first neither will we be the last. So people should just stop making me look bad like I am responsible for our break up. It’s not right.

“About his new girlfriend I also just found out via Instagram at the same time just like everybody else. Beside he is free to do his thing,” Vanessa wrote.