Rapper serenades Ngina Kenyatta months after Chinese’s love confession

Zhe Fang Liu (left), Ngina Kenyatta and Raj [Courtesy]

The quest for Ngina Kenyatta’s hand in marriage is officially on overdrive after she was immortalised in song four months after a Chinese photographer professed to the Nairobian his affection for her.

In a song released on August 27, Raj poured his out heart out to Kenya’s First Daughter that even though he is not moneyed, she is all his heart desires.

Raj rapped that her eyes are enchanting in a fine body akin to that of American singer-songwriter Erykah Badu and if she is willing, he has a first-class ticket for a rendezvous in Cairo, Egypt.

“Ngina kipenzi, me naku enzi, sina mapeni, Ngina wa rais… Tell me I pull up alone, media ina hullabaloo, nione macho zako supuu, body Eryka Badu,

“Mammi I come from a village. I'm prolly few of the realest. Sijawahi shika a milli but kwako nime shika feeling. Maybe na Kiki Zelish naeza ku checki daily uki serve tamu kama chicken. Teke teke; let's kick it, nina ticket first class if you ready, Cairo in a minute,” rapped Raj.

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Ngina Kenyatta [Courtesy]

Raj is not alone in the battle to catch the eye of the beauty touted as Kenya’s most eligible bachelorette.

Zhe Fang Liu, a photographer based in Los Angeles, USA, set social media on fire in April after confessing that he wants Ngina to consider him as he is ready to waltz her away in love to Wuhan, a city in Central China’s Hubei province.

“They say the beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes as they are the doorway to her heart. Her eyes have certainly caught my attention.

“I would want to take her to Wuhan, China the city I was born to show her my family. Then if she wanted I would show her the Great Wall of China. The major deal breaker would be if we didn’t share the same values about God, family and if she didn’t want kids,” confessed Liu.

Born in a family of three, Ngina life’s and that of her two other siblings; Jomo and Jaba is relatively private.

A snippet of Jomo’s love life, however, became public knowledge in 2018 following his wedding to long-time sweetheart, Fiona Achola.

Fiona with Jomo [Courtesy]

The two exchanged vows in an elegant, all-white, invite-only ceremony held at State House, Nairobi, in April that year.

A follow-up to their traditional wedding ceremony in Ichaweri, Gatundu.

Here is Raj love song to Ngina.