Emotional rollercoaster: Five best acts from EAGT episode 4

The Starlets from Kenya perform during EAGT's fourth episode.

Last week on East Africa's Got Talent, the contestants brought their A-game and outdid themselves to impress the judges to move on to the next stage.

This week, the competition has proved to be even tougher as contestants stuck to the winning spirit, taking their performance to a whole new level.

In the fourth episode, the contestants brought a mixture of feelings with some giving emotionally moving performances while others' exciting acts left the audience and judges; Jeff Koinange, Vanessa Mdee, Makeda and Gaetano mesmerized.

Here is a compilation of contestants who did exceptionally well in EAGT episode for, which is proudly sponsored by Safaricom:

The Starlets- Kenya

First up, The Starlets; the all-girls Kenyan dance crew are surprisingly the only female dance group in the competition so far.

The crew danced to a well-rehearsed choreography guided by a mix of hip hop music.

They sure ‘levelled' up and claimed their position as the audience continued to applaud minutes after their performance.

Excited judge Makeda commended the crew saying, "You guys look very together, your outfits are popping, your hair is popping, and your dances were feminine but still very fierce and popping. Everybody had a good time. You displayed strength and technical ability."

The group got a yes from each of the judges.

Sinoubi Zaose- Tanzania

Sinoubi Zaose, a traditional musician from Bagamoyo in Tanzania left the judges speechless with his soothing voice and impeccable musical skills.

Using Zeze as his instrument of choice, Sinoubi who comes from a musical family did not disappoint.

He believes East African Got Talent will enable him to advertise his music and showcase the rich African culture to the rest of the world.

According to judge Gaetano, his voice and instrumental capability were tremendous which almost drove him to use his golden buzzer.

Sinoubi got a yes from all the four judges.

Urban dance crew- Rwanda

The dance crew from Kigali Rwanda consisting of an adorable 10-year-old girl and her 22-year-old instructor was one of the most entertaining and energetic performances seen in the episode.

Dancing to a mix of Afro-beats, the two gave an outstanding performance with the audience left dumbfounded by how effortlessly the 10-year-old girl executed the choreography.

"Simple and well done," said Gaetano. With four yeses from the judges, the crew is moving to the next round.

Alisha Popat- Kenya

Solo singer-songwriter, Alisha Popat from Kenya gave the audience and judges a breathtaking performance which in turn gave her a standing ovation from the audience.

The 33-year-old singer said she almost gave up music at some point due to personal problems but hopes to build her confidence through the competition.

Her dreams are well underway as she got herself a yes from each of the four judges and will be moving on to the next round.

Yada yada- Kenya

Contemporary dance crew, Yada Yada from Kenya had one of the most synchronized and well-executed performances with a story behind it.

According to one of the dancers, his family threw him out to the streets after his mother, who had supported his dancing dream passed on.

This touching story moved Judge Vanessa Mdee to tears and as a result, she thanked the dancer for trusting the platform enough to share his story.

Yada Yada got 4 yeses and will be moving to the next round.

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