Inmates smash through walls using plastic spoons, take over prison wing

A prisoner cheers and taunts in the B wing of the clink (Image: Ex Con Cody/Youtube)

Shocking footage captures crazed inmates smash through walls and take over a wing of a crumbling prison.

Nineteen prisoners escaped from their cells at HMP Winchester on Tuesday in an alarming riot.

They used furniture and cutlery, including plastic spoons, to push through "weak points" in the walls.

In the video they are seen celebrating and jeering in a wing of the Category B prison, which is home to 490 men convicted of serious offences, including murder.

It is understood four inmates initially started to chip away at the rickety brickwork but then persuaded 15 others to break out of their cells.

Specially trained officers had to end the disturbance at the Hampshire clink.

Pepper spray was allegedly used on two thugs who started the chaos.

The group jeered after leaving their cells (Image: Ex Con Cody/Youtube)

And the newly leaked clip, shared on social media, shows the gang bragging and laughing.

One prisoner can even be seen appearing to be armed with an officer’s baton.

Another is pictured with a T-shirt tied around his head. He grabs a firehose and sprays water down onto the floor below.

Four inmates were taken to hospital as a "precaution" but no one was injured.

Cody Lachey, a campaigner for prison rights and an ex-convict, shared the video online.

He described the jail as "a decrepit rundown Victorian prison, not fit for animals, never mind prisoners".

A hooded inmate waves an object at the camera (Image: Ex Con Cody/Youtube)

But he claimed "the powers that be are shocked and surprised when things like this happen".

However, the Prison Service said it will push for the "strongest possible punishment" for those involved in the mayhem.

It added: "We are urgently taking action to improve and modernise our Victorian jails - spending up to £2.5bn to create 10,000 new prison places and investing £100m to boost security and safety."

The MoJ said a full assessment of the whole prison would be carried out to prevent repeat incidents.

But Mark Fairhurst, chairman of the Prison Officers Association, said: "Four prisoners on B wing had made holes in the walls of their cells and accessed the wing. This has been going on for about 18 months and we have warned about it. There was only one member of staff on duty and he withdrew. We have raised this issue at Winchester over the past 12 months and no remedial action has been taken. Now we have had a situation where staff have faced serious trouble and were at risk."

HMP Winchester is a Victorian institution built back in 1846 (Image: PA Archive/PA Images)

Andrea Albutt, president of the Prison Governors Association, told The Times: "This is a classic case of not investing in the prison estate for decades."

HMP Winchester, which was built in 1846, was criticised in its last review. The Independent Monitoring Board report last year said cells "regularly need repair because of wear and tear or vandalism".