Curvy gospel singer Nicah deletes bikini photo after criticism

Nicah the Queen.

Gospel singer Nicah the Queen was on the receiving end after she shared bikini photo on Instagram.

The photo in question was uploaded on Sunday night with a caption insinuating that she was thinking of going to a swimming pool but first, she had to try and fit into the bikini.

“Najua haiwahusu lakini juzi kabla ninyoe nywele nilijipima bikini…niende swimming ama niwache tu. It’s never that serious” Nicah captioned the photo.

The photo did not settle well with a majority of her followers who felt she should not to be posting half-naked photos because she’s a gospel musician.

“This is so sad, too much exposure, are you trying to market yourself?” commented a user by the name Queen Esther. The ‘Ushuhuda’ hit maker was seemingly determined to stay put, adding that “Na si mko na opinion mingi. Weeh si kesho unilipie bill ya maji”.

However, a section of her fans applauded her actions.

“Goodnight queen. Don’t let men or woman haters on here dictate your day. They don’t have a life of their own. Stay beautiful and post whatever you want. You look amazing!” commented Ben Stable.

Nicah's bikini photo.

Just two months ago, the singer opened up on feeling rejected and dealing with depression. According to Nicah, she was hurt by someone she loved dearly after they left announced.

Nicah, who was married to Comedian Dr Ofweneke before they called it off, further revealed that she has cried herself to sleep on countless nights and even wished death on herself.

“Been rejected, judged and felt like am not enough. I have cried myself to sleep most of the nights, I have wished death on myself, I have been hurt by someone I loved and left me without notice, I have had to be strong and a superhero for my girls,” she said adding that “Heartbreaks are real, depression is real, reality is painful and life is never fair but at the end of the day God has the final say.”

Nicah and Ofweneke’s relationship ended about two years ago amid claims of domestic violence.