My son died minutes after I prayed for his healing- J Blessing

J Blessing and Chantelle. Photo: Courtesy.

Renowned video director J Blessing has opened up on losing his six-month-old son. Kyle, born to J Blessing and ex Chantelle died four years ago.

Speaking to a local publication, J Blessing said that the painful experience is still etched on his mind.

According to the video director, his son passed away despite his prayers for God to spare him.

 "When he was sick, he was given an immunisation injection and a few weeks later, he died,” he said.

J Blessing said that during the period Kyle died, he was going through a lot.

"During that time I was going through a lot in life, and I remember when doctors talked to us about his health status, I was like, I’m sure God is going to heal him.

"I went home that night and prayed. Around 8 am, I told God, 'Please heal my son'," he recalled.

A few minutes after praying, J Blessing received bad news from the hospital.

"Five minutes after the prayer, I got a call from the hospital that my son had died.”

J Blessing.

Chantelle and J Blessing, who were engaged for five years later parted ways.

Let my son rest

Speaking to Pulse magazine after the breakup, Chantelle dismissed rumours that Kyle’s death had a part to play in their split.

“Those who keep on saying that these differences came from the issue on our baby I would say you’d better be sensitive about such matters. That is a sleeping angel. Allow our son to rest,” she said.

According to Chantelle, the split was partly brought about by J Blessing’s busy schedule.

“J Blessing would be in and out of the country like every time because of studies and work and that means for the most time, our relationship was like a long-distance relationship.

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“At the same time, we had differences and we would be on-and-off. The truth is that from the start, we never really jelled together as we are two different people who were trying to hold on hoping that at some point this would work,” she said.