Maliha Mohammed: Kenyan Chef cooks for 72 hours straight, breaks Guinness World record

Maliha Mohammed. Photo: Courtesy.

What a man can do a woman can definitely do better and a Kenyan chef just proved this.

36-year-old Maliha Mohammed, a Mombasa-based chef just shattered the Guinness World Record after preparing 400 dishes just under three days.

The beautiful and talented chef who earned her skill through self-tutoring beat California-based chef, Rickey Lumpkin’s record of 68 hours, 30 minutes, 1 second in 2018.

Maliha who embarked on her record-breaking cooking journey at the Kenya Bay Hotel, Mombasa on August 15 at 10:00 am, completed 400 dishes on August 18 to engrave their names in the prestigious Guinness World Book of Records.

In jubilation, Maliha expressed her satisfaction at being one of the few African women to achieve this feat.

“I thank God, my family, Pwani Oil Company and everyone who contributed to my success of bringing this title home. I am happy to be the first female chef in Africa to earn this title,” she said.

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In the competition, Maliha prepared more than 400 versions of Swahili dishes and other local cuisines which include; mandazi, chapati, biryani, githeri, fried fish, mukimo and juices among others.

This is not the first time the mother of two has tried to eclipse Lampkin’s record. She was forced to pull out in the last minute, the first time she applied due to lack of funds.

Prior to Maliha breaking the record on Sunday, she had managed to prepare 100 dishes in under 36-hours in May, before improving to 200 dishes in July.

Maliha Mohammed. Photo: Courtesy.

Maliha who had swollen legs and was drowned in fatigue at the end of the challenge had been preparing for the competition since December 2018 and only took a 1-hour break a day.

"For every 12 hours, I had a break of 30 minutes for rest. I thank God for reaching this far. I am going to rest for a very long time," Maliha added.

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Maliha, who is a Jaffery Academy alumnus, is popular for her signature dish, Korean chicken Bulgogi.

As part of an initiative to feed the less fortunate as well as create awareness in Mombasa County, Maliha’s food will be given to charity.

Pwani Oil Company’s commercial director, Mr Rajul Malde recognized Maliha’s effort and hopped her victory would help put Kenyan cuisine on the map as well as expand the tourism sector.

“It has taken her a lot of effort and enthusiasm to achieve all this. We are hopeful that Guinness World Record will accord her a chance to travel and showcase Kenyan food to the world which will boost our tourism,” delighted Mr Rajul said.

Standard Digital Entertainment congratulates Maliha for her big win!