VIDEO: Singer twerks for vice president during public function

The singer entertains Uganda VP Edward Ssekandi.

On Monday, Uganda Vice President Edward Ssekandi got more entertainment than he expected during a public function.

This is after singer Phina Masanyalaze took to the stage with a seductive dance during the International Youth Day celebrations in Jinja.

In footage of her performance, the singer is seen shaking her waist a few feet from the seated VP, to the crowd’s delight.

The singer then twerks and before going down on her knees while facing the VP, meanwhile whining her waist.  

The seemingly amused VP is occasionally seen trying to hand over a brown envelope to the singer, who ignores the gesture and continues with her performance.

Her performance elicited mixed reactions from social media users:

 Athumani Halima But why put Sekandi through this?

Masibo Lumala The wife encouraged her on!!

Paul Muglo If our VP gets a heart attack we shall know.

Evelyn Matsamura Kiapi Sekandi rejuvenated.

Annette Kezaabu Tone down. The volume too high!