Harrowing divorce pushed me back into comedy- JB Masanduku

JB Masanduku and Tina Kaggia.

Popular Churchill Show comedian Nathan Kimani better known as JB Masanduku has opened up on going through a harrowing experience after divorcing his ex-wife, radio presenter Tina Kaggia.

Speaking at the sidelines of Churchill Show hosted in West Pokot, JB confirmed that they officially divorced and are currently working on an arrangement where he will have access to their baby.

“We divorced officially. Divorce is always ugly but I thank God she was mature about it.” JB said.

“It’s a tough process, I won’t lie. I guess it’s probably the reason I came back to comedy to help me heal,” he added.

The father of two confirmed that he has already moved on and plans are underway for his up coming wedding with a lady identified as Jackie Karanja whom they met a year ago at Mist Club in town, where Jackie was hosting Karaoke.

The comedian confirmed that he has already initiated the first official step towards tying the knot with his fiancée.

“I have already done the first part of the dowry payment to her parents, in Kikuyu called ‘Kuhanda Ithigi’. The ceremony was so that he could meet the parents and book a day to officially present the dowry which will be soon and before the end of the year, I will have a white wedding,” he added.

JB also revealed that he will be making a come-back on radio where he will be hosting a show but declined to reveal which station he will be heading to due to non-disclosure agreement.

In a previous interview, JB revealed that Tina and Jackie met once but it was not all rosy.

"Tina met my fiancée, Jackie Karanja and they talked. What I remember her telling Jackie is that we won't last. Jackie laughed about it," he said.

"I don't know if she is happy for me simply because of the sentiments she made (When she met my wife-to-be). She even said 'JB is loved by many so this may not go far'." He added.

Tina and JB got married in 2013 and were blessed with two children. The radio personality accused JB of being was manipulative and negligent, driving her into alcohol abuse and depression. She has since moved on after leaving JB. Last year, she introduced her new man on Instagram.