Otile Brown announces plans to launch clothing line

Otile Brown.

Singer Jacob Obunga popularly known as Otile Brown is set to try his luck in the fashion business. This is after the singer announced plans to launch his own clothing line.

According to the Baby Love hitmaker, inspiration to start his clothing line was all the men and their girlfriends constantly in his DMs asking where he gets his clothes from.

“I see y’all male fans and your women on the DM asking where I get my clothes every day. Boyz Clothing line coming soon, vitu va kijanja InshaAllah ...” he posted.

The controversial singer also launched a posh shoe collection boutique in Mombasa about two weeks ago. The boutique is Otile's second one since he ventured into the business after he launched a similar one in Nairobi back in 2017. 'Just In Love´ records label founder Otile has also named the shoe collection after his music brand.

The 'Just In Love Shoe Collection' is located on City House building along Digo Road at Fontanella, popularly referred to as 'Nela' among coast residents.

While announcing the opening of the collection, said that shoe prices will not go beyond Sh3,000 at the boutique.

In 2017, Otile opened his first shop along Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi´s CBD. He publicly made the announcement of his shop ´Emirates Collection´ that deals mainly with ladies´ footwear saying “God has been faithful and so I have decided to venture into the shoe business, mostly for ladies.

“The shop is located along Tom Mboya Street at Nyambene house opposite Agrho house... We only deal with quality and legit stuff.”