Nandy paid my rent when I was broke- Singer Amber Lulu

Amber Lulu and Nandy.

Tanzanian singer Amber Lulu has disclosed that Nandy once sent her money to pay rent.

In an interview during the ongoing Nandy Festival, Lulu profusely thanked the Ninogeshe singer for coming to her aid in her hour of need.

“Nandy is my sister. I had a pending rent payment and when Nandy heard about it, she offered to pay it up for me. She not only sent me money for rent but also for my upkeep,” said Amber.

According to Amber, she was so touched by the gesture that she was ready to perform for free at the Nandy Festival.

However, Nandy would have none of it.

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“I would have performed for free but she refused. She said ‘No, I know you have no other source of income aside from music,’ and paid me.

Amber further lauded the ‘African Princess,’ as she’s popularly known, for succeeding in bringing female artistes together through the all-female Nandy Festival line-up.

She described Nandy as someone with a good heart and would readily come to the aid of a friend in need.

Amber Lulu, who is rapper Prezzo's on and off lover, recently admitted to eloping with video vixen Haitham's husband.

“I feel sorry for Haitham, she’s always on social media claiming I have taken her man, doesn’t she feel bad?

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“Why did the man leave her for me? That is the real question.

“Now that she is breastfeeding, Haitham should stop hurling abuses on social media. The abuses don’t help because the man will never go back to her,” Lulu admitted to shocked reporters.