Woman feeds stepdaughter menstrual blood to ‘turn her into lunatic’

Annet Namata. Photo: Courtesy.

A woman accused of feeding her stepdaughter on her menstrual blood has been remanded.

According to the accusations levelled against her, Annet Namata mixed her menstrual blood with food before forcing her stepdaughter to eat it.

Appearing in court on Wednesday, Namata pleaded not guilty before being remanded for two weeks at the Kauga prison in Mukono District, Central Uganda.

Forceful feeding

Namata was first apprehended to the police by her husband in June after neighbours told him she had been mixing her menstrual blood with food before forcing the teenager to eat.

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According to Kampala Metropolitan deputy Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire, soon after securing a bond, she went into hiding.

Ugandan Monitor reported that she was however tracked down and re-arrested.

Turning step-daughter into a lunatic

Namata’s plea of innocence was contradicted by her husband who told police that she had earlier pleaded guilty to the accusations before the Kitega Women council.

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In a video recorded during the council meeting, Namata said that she had been angered by the preferential treatment her husband accorded the child.

Namata further revealed her friends advised her to feed the child with menstrual blood to turn her into a lunatic.

Medical research reveals that ingesting menstrual blood is potentially harmful since one can get bloodborne pathogens like HIV.