Mayhem: Mourners fight for ‘tortured’ singer Ziggy Wine’s body

Ziggy Wine.

There was drama as different factions clashed over the body of Ugandan musician Michael Kalinda, stage name Ziggy Wine who was allegedly kidnapped and tortured.

Ziggy passed away on Sunday after allegedly being dumped at Mulango Hospital by unknown people who had tortured him. According to fellow singer Bobi Wine, Ziggy had his fingers chopped off, left eye plucked out and had visible burn marks all over his body.

Warring factions

On Monday, his body was released from the mortuary and was taken to Ganda for a vigil.

However, a faction of distant relatives came out claiming that the vigil and burial should have happened in Bushenyi and not Ganda.  

According to Daily Monitor, another group from Kampala and supporters of the People Power pressure group claimed that Ziggy should be buried where his mother and brother were laid to rest in Bukoto.

A fight then broke out after the team from Bushenyi accused the other outfit of planning to grab the deceased’s property.


Ultimately, the groups were convinced to have a meeting to resolve their differences. It was settled on to let the body remain in Ganda to allow for the public to pay their last respects.

The body will then be transported to Bushenyi for burial.

Ziggy is survived by a three-year-old son and an expectant wife.