PHOTOS:Check out Kenyan celebrities you didnt know had twins

It's double the giggles, double the grins and double the trouble if you are a twin or are blessed with twins. 

Today, August 3, 2019, being National twin’s day, we take a look at celebrities blessed to have twin children or have twin siblings.

Lisa Gaitho and Anita Gaitho

Famous Kenyan Youtuber cum fashion Blogger, Lisa Gaitho has a twin sister by the name Anita Gaitho.

Although they are fraternal twins, the two have developed the same interest in fashion.

Lisa is a blogger whereas her sister Anita owns a cloth line where she showcases her fashion designs.

Left, Lisa Gaitho with twin sister Anita Gaitho (Photo: Instagram)

Janet Mbugua

NTV presenter Janet Mbugua has a twin brother by the name Timothy Mbugua.

Janet Mbugua with her twin brother Timothy (Photo: Instagram)

Eddie Ndichu

Janet Mbugua’s husband, Eddie Ndichu has an identical twin brother, Paul Ndichu.

Left, Eddie Ndichu with twin brother Paul Ndichu (Photo: Instagram)

Grace Msalame

Media personality Grace Msalame is blessed with adorable twin daughters; Raha and Zawadi.

Grace Msalame with her twins (Photo: Instagram)

The twin’s father, Paul Ndichu is also a twin to Janet Mbugua’s husband, Eddie Ndichu.

The twins with their dad (Photo: Instagram)


Ivy, a YouTuber and member of Over 25 is the proud mom to two gorgeous fraternal twin girls; Taipei and Tallinn

Ivy and her twin girls (Photo: Instagram)