Esma Platnumz speaks on stealing fellow singer’s husband

Esma Platnumz.

Recently, celebrated Tanzanian artist Diamond Platnumz’s sister Esma was accused of snatching fellow singer’s husband.

According to Zanzibar-based singer Jamila Abdallah famously known as Baby J, Esma snatched her husband despite being aware that they have a young child together.

Baby J claimed Diamond's sister started off with her husband on brother-sister grounds before they ended up as an item.

“Kuibiwa mwanaume unafikri ni rahisi...sio rahisi, kategwa, hayo mambo pia yapo...ninavyo jua mimi haikuwa ivo kwanza, ilikuwa brother and sister," said Baby J

Esma has now responded to the said allegations. Speaking to local media, she did not deny or confirm the ‘snatching’ allegations. When she was put on the spotlight, Esma confidently replied by saying “no comment.”

Baby J had earlier said that Esma is now carrying an unnecessary burden of sin for her actions.

“There are some sins which are totally unnecessary. Esma fully knew that she’s dating a man who has a wife and kid,” she said, adding that “But she closed her eyes and pretended not to know he’s married with a kid. Isn’t’ that carrying an unnecessary sin?”

Esma went separate ways with her husband Petit Man nearly a year ago. Her marriage to Petit hit a rocky ground when word went out that He had impregnated a Rwandese lady.

Speaking to Ijumaa Wikienda sometime in April, Esma revealed that she’s no longer interested in marriage since there’s no true love in the world anymore.

According to Esma, anyone declaring love for her is wasting their breath.

“Kwa lugha nyepesi, sitaki kusikia wala sihitaji tena ndoa. Hata mtu akija akasema anataka kunioa, nitajua ni walewale tu kwani mapenzi ya dhati siku hizi hakuna,” she said

Esma is not the first one to find herself in a relationship scandal in her celebrity family. Her brother Diamond has been in endless relationship issues with a number of women before he finally found Kenyan love on NRG presenter Tanasha Donna. He is expecting a baby with the presenter in a few weeks’ time.

Their mother Sandra Kassim alias Mama Dangote and his father Mzee Juma have all been linked to younger lovers.